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WhatsApp: This means the new icon in the main menu

WhatsApp: This means the new icon in the main menu


Some changes are coming to WhatsApp. Some of you will notice a new icon on the main menu. We’ll tell you what it’s all about.

A new icon has appeared in the main menu of WhatsApp. (Source: WhatsApp; Montage: Netzwelt)

  • WhatsApp introduces a new area in Messenger with the Community.
  • So the main menu changes.
  • A button with three people takes you to the new feature.

that Main WhatsApp menu On Android phones, it consists of a shortcut to the camera, as well as the Chats, Status, and Calls tabs. But you may already have it or will notice a change here in the next few weeks. The camera icon has moved to the upper right corner. Instead, Messenger now shows a group of three for that link.

Same on iPhone: Camera shortcut deleted without replacement. It now has the same new icon in the center as seen on Android phones with “Community” written below it. What’s behind it?

“social communication” It is a new section on WhatsApp. In a community, you can centrally unite and manage up to 50 thematically related groups. In the tutorial we will show you how Create a community on WhatsApp.

Not yet available on all devices

The community area will now be gradually rolled out to all WhatsApp accounts. As per our research, it is only available in India and Indonesia as of now. So it may take some time before you notice a change.

The purpose of the job is to make it easier for organizations and companies to work with Messenger. For private communication with friends and families, you should continue to use the normal one WhatsApp explains the use of groups. So it remains to be seen if the feature will continue to feature prominently in Messenger in the future. However, private groups will also receive a new practical feature with the community update: so join here now scan tool to get rid of them.

Currently, many of you are also wondering about one blue circle As well as one fuzzy button In the group settings of the messenger. In the linked articles, we tell you what it’s all about.

Also interesting…

By the way, the change will also affect iPhone users. However, it is still not clear where the function is displayed in the bottom menu bar and whether another item should be removed from it. WhatsApp has not posted any screenshots yet.

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