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WhatsApp: This is how you transfer profile pictures from Messenger to your address book

How can I manage contacts and phone numbers in WhatsApp?

You can also save the profile pictures of your contacts used in WhatsApp in the cell phone’s address book without much effort. With our method, you only need a few mouse clicks.

Those of your contacts in WhatsApp Messenger The profile pictures used are not saved to the phone book, although this would be quite practical.

You can still sync your WhatsApp contacts’ profile pictures easily with a small detour via the Contacts app, your linked GMail account, and your address book. No third-party apps from the Google Play Store are required for this. We have tried some of these apps without success and you can save the installation yourself.

With the method we have shown here, you can easily transfer your WhatsApp contacts photos to your Google address book on your computer and thus to all the connected terminal devices without downloading or screenshots beforehand.

The described method also works across other communication services available on the web, such as iCloud Contacts for iPhone and iPad or the contacts in your Microsoft account.

By the way, you can use WhatsApp Completely deny access to smartphone contacts with a small settingIf that’s what you want.

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