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WhatsApp: These new emoticons are there

WhatsApp: These new emoticons are there

Status posts on WhatsApp are now also shown in the chat list with circles around the contacts’ profile pictures. In order to clarify the reactions to it, the news service is already working on another new update.

again WhatsApp Information Blog WABetaInfo Reports, a new icon may soon appear next to the familiar check marks. A circle should appear next to it when a status message from the contact was last replied.

New WhatsApp feature: It should make the application more visible to users

The new icon aims to make the app more visible to its users. It is currently being tested for WhatsApp on iOS, Android, and desktop devices.

The new update is currently being tested by the messaging service with select users. It is not yet known when it will be available to the general public.

The news service is constantly working on new functions to make the use of the application as pleasant and easy as possible for its users. Recently, for example, short responses to chat messages were introduced, with which it is possible to reply to messages without many words.