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WhatsApp: These changes may remain in the future in 2021

WhatsApp: These changes may remain in the future in 2021


WhatsApp has already seen some major and minor changes in 2021. But the messenger has more up its sleeve in the next few weeks. You can still expect these innovations.

WhatsApp will also continue in 2021 and a lot is planned again. We’ll tell you what you can look forward to next year. (Source: diego_cervo/

  • WhatsApp has already made some changes in 2021.
  • However, some changes may remain pending in the next few weeks.
  • We give you an outlook.

ID cards The WhatsApp This year a lot. In addition to the introduction New Terms of Use Messenger has already received a number of updates – the latest being the introduction of encrypted cloud backups.

We have summarized the most important WhatsApp changes in the past few weeks for you below:

Plus, she’s been younger lately Changes made to stickers, link previews and the web app.

But that’s not over yet, below we give you an overview of the features still planned for Messenger in 2021.

Hide method

So now you have to Message self-destruct mode Activate individually for each conversation. In the future, WhatsApp will offer the option to set the setting as default for all new chats.

There should also be more options soon for how long self-expiring messages are deleted. Currently, they are deleted after seven days, for example, it will be possible to delete them soon after 24 hours or 90 days.

New look for voice messages

There is also a great possibility that there will be an innovation in voice messaging in 2021. Is this It appears in the form of a wave in the future will.

Messages can be deleted soon even after months

It seems that WhatsApp also wants to extend the period in which you can remove messages to all interlocutors from the chat history. Instead of just one hour, this should be possible three months into the future.

More options to view “last connection online”

There should also be improvements in data protection. So WhatsApp beta indicates that you will be identified soon Contacts can block access to the information “last seen”, “profile picture” and “information”.

Communities complement groups

WhatsApp is also working on the ability to group groups. That’s why it should be called Create Communities ability.

The aforementioned innovations could find their way to WhatsApp by the end of the year or 2022. In addition, two other changes caused discussions for a long time about whether and when WhatsApp will be implemented and it remains unclear.

WhatsApp with advertising: the constant annoying issue with no solution

messages about Advertising in WhatsApp. In fact, they wanted to introduce you to other people’s situation to finally make money using the app. But it turned out differently. WhatsApp has withdrawn its advertising plans!

But the matter is off the table. The company is currently focused only on business solutions, but advertising could become an issue again in 2021. However, there are still no clear indications of this, so first we must continue to monitor the situation.

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