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WhatsApp: Soon can be used on up to four devices

WhatsApp: Soon can be used on up to four devices

Including iPads and Android tablets without a SIM card. In addition, the function of self-deletion of messages is expanded and the option to view once for photos and videos is turned on.

Multi-device capability for The WhatsApp It should be offered within the next two months – initially with a beta version, Writes WABetaInfo (English). Mark Zuckerberg, President of Facebook and CEO of Whatsapp, Will Cathcart, confirmed the blog. The beta version should also be opened to more iOS users.
WhatsApp has so far been associated with a phone number or a SIM card. You can cross WhatsApp Web Use the messenger on the computer, but to do this, a connection must be established between the computer browser and the smartphone by scanning the QR code. With the multi-device capability, users should be able to use the messenger on up to four devices per WhatsApp account, including iPads and Android tablets without a SIM card.

Messages disappear and display at once

WhatsApp introduced a function back in November 2020 that automatically deletes messages after a certain period of time. PCtipp explained this post and others at the time in this article. This is to be expanded.

There will also be an invisibility mode. WhatsApp is about to roll out invisibility mode. This activates the disappearance of messages across all threads, Zuckerberg told WABetaInfo, so that the user experience becomes fleeting.

With the one-time offer, which will also be rolling out “soon,” recipients can only open and view their photos and videos once before they disappear from the chat.