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Whatsapp may display usernames

Whatsapp may display usernames

May 26, 2023 –
A beta of Whatsapp shows that Meta is apparently experimenting with entering unique usernames for the messaging service. This can also enable calling without seeing the other party’s cell phone number.

In social media, you give yourself a unique username. If you are lucky and skilled, you can present yourself uniformly on all channels. This is an important criterion for content creators and influencers as well as businesses. Now it seems that Metas Messenger Whatsapp is also planning to introduce a unique username, such as “Wabetainfo”. mentioned. It appears that you can choose a separate username in addition to your own, as it appears to your contacts. As this is one of a kind, the “first come, first served” principle applies.

With a username, Whatsapp gives people and organizations who are interested in being contacted by customers a useful tool. Thus customers can communicate via username and don’t even need to have their mobile phone number, which also increases privacy. The feature appeared in the beta version of Android Whatsapp has not yet commented on how usernames are handled in Messenger or when a release can be expected. However, it can be assumed that this feature will not be limited to the Android version only. (adk)