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WhatsApp: Images can also be sent uncompressed soon

The WhatsApp Not yet suitable for sending high-quality photos to contacts. Because images are compressed before sending, some details are lost. However, in the near future it will also be possible to transfer images without pre-compression.

WhatsApp uses a compression method when transferring images to save storage space and data size. Since the image size is often several megabytes these days, images sent in bulk can become a problem for many WhatsApp users. In addition to simple memes, screenshots, and low-quality screenshots, some users also want to send high-quality images.
With WhatsApp, images can soon be sent without pressure

This possibility is severely limited by the compression algorithm. Often visible artifacts appear clearly in the receiver. to me WABetaInfo WhatsApp is now planning an option where images can be sent uncompressed. With the Image Quality setting, the user can choose to send images at auto size, the best possible quality, or in data saving mode.

Currently only working in beta version

For now, WABetaInfo has only detected the new feature in the latest beta of the Android version of the instant messenger. Since this is a frequently requested function, updates for the final versions of WhatsApp are likely to come out soon. However, it may take a few weeks or months before the update goes live. WhatsApp has not officially announced the feature and thus has not yet set an exact date.

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Messenger, whatsapp, instant messaging, whatsapp logo
Messenger, whatsapp, instant messaging, whatsapp logo