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WhatsApp got a new name: this is now changing with the popular Messenger

WhatsApp got a new name: this is now changing with the popular Messenger

Facebook group recently give a new name. This change is now also implemented on the popular WhatsApp and Instagram services: as can already be seen in the current beta version for Android, the new name “WhatsApp from Meta” can now be read here instead of “WhatsApp from Facebook” (via: WABetaInfo).

The name change has also already been implemented in the iOS version for iPhones in the latest beta version

He also wants to use it to lead the group more aggressively outside the shadow of Facebook’s original and most important platform to date. In addition to Instagram, the company’s portfolio also includes WhatsApp and Messenger applications.

WhatsApp with a new name: these are the motivations behind Facebook

WhatsApp has now been given a new name after Facebook has been renamed Meta.


With the new name, the group wants to direct focus to the new virtual world “Metaverse”, in which he sees the future of digital communications and his company.

However, many also see another reason for the name change: after several scandals in recent years, it does not seem likely that the company wants to distract attention from those with a change in order to polish its image.

By the way, Facebook only introduced the term “WhatsApp from Facebook” about two years ago to make it clear that the popular Messenger is part of the Zuckerberg Group.