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WhatsApp fraud cases: “The scam is very complex”

WhatsApp fraud cases: “The scam is very complex”

WhatsApp scams

“The fraud is very clever.”

There are more and more questionable job offers circulating on messaging services. Some people fall in love with this, and you won’t find it surprising that this happens.


Dozens of people from the 20 Minutes community have received such messages on WhatsApp.

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  • Supposed recruiters are making questionable job offers on WhatsApp and other messaging services.

  • Readers from the 20 Minutes community also participated and told us what happened next.

  • Many readers see the truth about the scam, and others fall for it. Some commentators have criticized these things, but most understand that something like this could happen.

Several news scouts received what at first glance appeared to be a standard job offer via WhatsApp. In most cases, readers ignored the messages or responded saying they were not interested. Or they blocked the numbers. But what happens when you write again? Reader Patricia (name changed) is on Stitch fell in She shared her experiences. Spoiler: In the end I lost nearly 10,000 francs. While a few readers “don’t pity” her, many commenters are supportive of the 29-year-old.

This is the case with Djourou2006. “I’ve also received three such offers in the past two weeks,” he writes. “But since I’m not looking for work, I didn’t care. Fortunately. Because that could have happened to me, too.” Amorphis makes a similar statement: “I know the problem and I should I have to admit, if you were looking for a job, you would probably fall in love with something like this.” He blocked the number, reported it as spam, and at the same time sent it to the police.

Mad Volcano also always ignored the news, but: “When I read it that way, I have to honestly admit that the scam is very clever.” Simon Sonnenschein is concerned about the elderly and children: “You could quickly fall into such a trap unintentionally. I hope that soon there will be an opportunity to block all these annoying channels!”

“Your fault!”

But there are also readers who criticize it, like Dershforbler: “Anyone who thinks they can make easy money by testing apps is actually on the wrong track. Sorry for the losses, but it’s your fault!” yaZH shares this opinion: “I keep wondering who will fall for this. But if not, these scammers won’t exist either. His solution is: ‘Just block him and you’re done.'”

Pouloshermanos believes people have forgotten to question things, which is “getting worse.” Things are different for Perez, as he wondered about the messages he received: “So please, what reputable company would write so clumsily via WhatsApp or SMS? Besides, I would be too lazy to do this back and forth.” He muses: “You still have to talk and meet in person. That’s not 100% sure either, but at least you can see people.”

AlexBNC goes a little further and says: “All the so-called methods for making a lot of money quickly without putting in a lot of effort are 100 percent nonsense. This applies not only to this type of scam, but also to all self-proclaimed successful coaches and whatnot. till then!

Babybaby reader has another reason to be angry. “Now I’m annoyed that I stopped too quickly,” he writes. From what I read, you could have made a small profit.

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