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WhatsApp: Fake Milka contest publishes a bad surprise on Easter

WhatsApp: Fake Milka contest publishes a bad surprise on Easter

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Milka’s Easter contest is rolling out on WhatsApp. But behind the beautiful Easter basket, there is a scam that scammers use to get your data.

You can learn about the mock competition by the Russian URL. (Source: Netzwelt screenshot)

  • The supposed Milka contest is distributed via WhatsApp.
  • Cybercriminals want to get your data via fake competition.
  • You can easily select stitch.

On The WhatsApp he is fake lottery From Milka in Trading. As a prize, scammers lure you with one of 5,000 Easter baskets filled with chocolate.

An Easter surprise can end badly

Display and design make the competition seem serious at first. The purple color scheme and delicious Easter candy are meant to lull you to safety. After a short quiz and hunt for an Easter bunny, we promise you a chance to win a basket full of chocolates.

But behind the fake competition are the cybercriminals who just want to get your data through a scam. In order to participate, you must indicate this via a link. In the worst case, you can also catch malware on your smartphone. Then they steal more data and can take control of your device. Such as WhatsApp tricks It is no longer uncommon.

This is how you spot a fake

Milka herself released a statement about the mock competition. In it, the group again clearly states that it has nothing to do with the phishing scam. Milka also gives some advice on how to identify a fake: Contests from Milka or Mondelez International always have terms of participation, data protection regulations and fingerprinting.

We can also give you a hint about the offer: the contest URL points to a Russian site and has absolutely nothing to do with Milka. In a separate article, we will explain more indications for spotting questionable lotteries.

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