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WhatsApp: A new function that will make searching for messages easier

WhatsApp: A new function that will make searching for messages easier

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Updated March 1, 2024 at 5:08 PM EST

WhatsApp users can soon look forward to innovation in the messaging service. The function should then simplify searching for specific messages.

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WhatsApp users can look forward to a new functionality in the messaging service: The innovation aims to make it easier to search for old messages in WhatsApp conversations. As “smartdroid” reports.Messages can then be filtered by a specific date in the future to facilitate searching.

This is how the search filter works on WhatsApp

With the new function, searching for old messages in WhatsApp chat logs could become easier and faster for users in the future. In order to use the new search filter, WhatsApp users simply have to access the “Search” menu item in the respective chat. The search mask will then appear at the top of the chat.

As before, the search term can be entered here or filtered by a specific date. In the latter case, users simply click on the small calendar in the upper right area and choose the corresponding date.

WhatsApp then shows users the message history for the selected date. The date filter and search term cannot be combined.

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The new search filter is currently being introduced on Android devices, the portal further reports. The function is already available on iOS devices.
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