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What's wrong with wife Laura Muller?

What’s wrong with wife Laura Muller?

Hard-working influencer Laura Muller hasn’t spoken in months. The fans are worried. There are even rumors of the breakup.

The basics are in brief

  • Michael Windler and his wife, Laura, have been living in America for a few months.
  • Now wife Laura Muller has also disappeared from the social media scene.
  • Fans are worried about the 20-year-old. There are rumors of the breakup.

Michael Windler’s wife, Laura Muller, was one of the most industrious German influencers. Almost no day passed when the 20-year-old did not take up a post or story Instagram mentioned.

But since the end of February, there has been no radio broadcast.

Oliver Boucher philosophizes about Laura’s absence

It will have your fans I expected it already Michael Windler’s wife allows her to participate in life in the US state of Florida.

At the beginning of her new life, she regularly shared photos from the sunny Cape Coral. The silence of the radio raises the fears of their fans.

Fellow celebrity too Oliver Bucher He seems to be wandering his mind. He and his wife Amira pop up the topic on his podcast “The Pochers here!” On. Amira said, “I went to Laura’s file and there was nothing.”

Boucher replied, “Either they broke down really well – or away from home, away from the motorcycle, it’s all gone. Maybe it is Even in Germany We didn’t even notice it. “

Michael Windler alone in the US?

He spoke in order to return to Germany Also the videos started Shares husband Michael Windler. There is no trace of the 20-year-old in the clips.

One of the “Bild” insiders now spoke about the state of the relationship between the two.

Laura is still in the United States, leaving the country or spouse is not an option. The insider said, “Laura is still at Michael’s side and there are no plans to change that.”

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