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“What’s wrong with people?” Kaufland’s customer is furious after this sight

Is this as real as it seems? One of Kaufland’s clients from the Ruhr region shows off the chocolate cream he’s bought – and he’s not alone in shaking his head.

Dortmund – A tweet from a user from the Ruhr district runs through the roof: it has already collected more than 1,500 “likes” and a lot of comments, there was also a place in the top ten on Twitter He writes: “People who stick their fingers in chocolate creams at the supermarket and then put them back on the shelf as if nothing happened are a very special kind of hell.” not people? “

A Kaufland customer makes a disgusting discovery on a jar of chocolate cream: Has anyone tried it?

The matching Twitter photo shows a perforated aluminum lid with a large hole in it. It is not clear if the fingerprint can actually be seen in the chocolate cream. Of course, it can also be a production or transportation error. Of course, nothing can be verified about the information provided by the man. But the remark always causes a jolt in the head. “What’s wrong with people?”

According to him, he bought the cream in the Kaufland branch. “Uh, where the hell do you live?” User wants to know. The Ruhr area is the answer. Another asks, “Do you want to get rid of it or put it back in business?” Buyer reaction: “Trash, I don’t have a receipt anymore and I bought it in the next town in Coveland, so don’t go there for 1.99, that would be rubbish.” Money and hassle went on top of that – of course nobody needed that. One reports from his own experience that a voucher should not fail: “Caufland is actually very accommodating even without a voucher. But I can understand not wanting to go there because of €1.99.”

The Kaufland-Fund guarantees an exchange of experience: some prefer to check products carefully before purchasing them

In the comments, it gets really disgusting at times – no wonder some people are suspicious of people’s behaviour. One user notes, “I’ve been in retail for decades. When I buy something myself, I try to make sure the merchandise is still sealed in their original packaging. Fruit/veggies are washed with just a drop of dish soap or soda. I’ve seen a lot already.”

Another person makes a similar statement: “That’s why I’ve been checking out packaging like this for years, whether it’s ketchup or Nutella and co.” And one user wrote, like several others: “I just hope it’s just a finger, and no new, stupid TikTok challenge.” … There was something to lick off the ice cream and put it back in.” Another Kaufland customer also sent out a warning to the public – after noticing an ugly receipt entry. (flexible)

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