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What's up with Prince Harry?

What’s up with Prince Harry?

Prince Harry and timing! At the end of the month he will not travel to London, but will travel to Holland for the Invictus Games a few weeks later.

Prince Harry posted this funny and controversial video of himself attending the Invictus Games. – woman

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry will not attend the memorial services for his late grandfather.
  • After only a few weeks, he will travel to Holland.

Prince Harry (37) somehow has to revise this timing!

He just gave it to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth The second (95): violent rejection. Harry wasn’t going to his late grandfather’s memorial service Prince Philip It will be released in London at the end of March. Now Prince Harry announces a visit to the Netherlands!

And for this, the royal, who is no longer active, is learning a round of the Dutch language. how and where? Of course with the Dutch and the influence of the media on the entire Internet.

Admittedly, Harry’s speech video makes you smile a little. Because it doesn’t quite work with the different pronunciations of words.

This is less bad. Because Prince Harry has until the end of April until his visit to the “Invictus Games” in The Hague.

What do you think of the last appearance of Prince Harry?

But after Harry’s video, more critical voices were heard. “He can travel to Holland, but not England,” she says.

“His grandfather would slap him and tell him to grow up,” says former royal chef Darren McGrady.

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