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What's behind 92 percent of free play this week?

What’s behind 92 percent of free play this week?

From Michael Misculin
This week, Epic Games brings the Ring of Pain crawler to roguelike maps. The player faces random dungeons made up of cards containing all kinds of dark creatures and valuable treasures in the shop. We briefly introduce the independent game.

This week, Epic Games is introducing another free game via the Epic Games Store on Thursday. this is the address ring of pain, which the developers describe as a crook-like map crawler. But what exactly is behind the game, which has already been acclaimed by Steam fans (92 percent agreement)?

What is Ring of Pain?

Ring of Pain is a 2020 indie game developed by Simon Boxer and Twice Different and published by Humble Games. In the middle of the title is a ring of randomly generated cards that are meant to represent a deadly dungeon. Here the encounters come down to the player, while at the same time you get an insight into the next steps. The player now decides between the two front cards, and thus can choose between a treasure or a trap, or between stealth and combat. The gameplay is turn based, so there is plenty of time to make decisions at your own pace. In addition, the results of the actions can be analyzed in order to be able to make the optimal decision. This is how your skills develop with each item you win and new skills.

There are 16 basic dungeons waiting for the player, as well as a challenging mode that needs to be cleared. There is also a daily dungeon mode with a variety of puzzle mods and more than 25 special dungeons to circumvent through the darkness. All this is presented in a beautiful graphic style that is both dynamic and exotic at the same time. If you are already interested in Ring of Pain, you can Free view of the title via Steam try out.

source: Epic Games Store