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What social democrats plan after their victory

D.The first person to come to Canberra to greet him personally after the election of the new Australian Prime Minister was an old acquaintance from the neighborhood. As social democrats, the new Prime Minister of Australia is Anthony Albanese and the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacintha Artern From their political work on every side of the strait that separates their countries. Artern began working for the New Zealand Labor Party in his home country at the age of 17. Albanese is one of the longest serving members of the Social Democratic Workers’ Party in Australia, which is generally written in American English without u. The two shared a warm embrace, met for an informal dinner and exchanged recordings of Australian and New Zealand musicians.

The New Zealander, who had a practical working relationship with Albanese pioneer Conservative Scott Morrison, was delighted with the May 21 election results. Australia In some ways it reflects the change that New Zealand made almost five years ago. At the time, the Conservative government was due to relinquish power nine years later, which was designed by longtime Prime Minister John Key above all else. In Canberra, too, the Liberal and National Party coalition ruled for nine years. However, unlike New Zealand, these years have been characterized by frequently changing prime ministers. Instead, Albanese did not lead a minority government like Artern during his first term, but could implement his policies with his own majority in parliament.