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Reha-Trainer Sebastian Capel, Athletiktrainer Daniel Muessig, Co-Trainer Julian Hübner und Chefcoach Tim Walter haben eine lange Wintervorbereitung zu planen.

What next after the USA trip? This is how HSV plans winter XXL

There has never been a winter holiday like this and there probably won’t be again. After the first half of the season against FC Sandhausen (November 12), the ball was resting in the Bundesliga for eleven weeks. The World Cup break turns the break into a very big winter. Planning for how HSV wants to block time is in full swing – and most professionals can rejoice and look forward to plenty of free time.

One thing is clear: The day after the Sandhausen kick, the team will head to the US for nine days (November 13-22), where the HSV team will move to their rooms in Irvine/California. In addition to the match against second-tier football club Orange County (November 15), a second opponent is being sought.

HSV professionals ask for extended leave

Great for the pros: Most of them can probably relax for the rest of the year after they come back. It is likely that the convalescent will only have to work a little at Volkspark during the month of December.

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and then? The basic data for preparation has not yet been fixed. There are many indications that Tim Walter will call for unity again on January 2 (four weeks before the league opens against Braunschweig/January 29).

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A week later, HSV wants to start training camp. Last year’s accommodation in Sotogrande, Spain is still very popular.