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Unüberprüft an Bord - Deutschland evakuierte auch Kinderschänder

What happens to criminals who have flown to Germany?

The German armed forces evacuated about 5,000 people from Afghanistan. This also includes criminals. Germany now wants to hand them over to the Taliban again.

The basics in brief

  • The German Bundeswehr also transported criminals from Afghanistan.
  • Politicians are upset and want to hand them over to the Taliban.

After seizing power in Afghanistan before Taliban good day airport Kabul chaos. Countless people desperately tried to get a place on the few evacuation flights.

Germany actually wanted to expel its own citizens and Afghan embassy staff as a priority. But instead, the Bundeswehr flew 257 people without documents. And a few three-figure deported criminals.

Among them was a man who sexually assaulted his daughter in Germany for years, and thus was convicted. He was deported to Afghanistan in February 2019. Now he is languishing in a German prison again – and is expected to be released in less than six months. An Afghan arrested for aggravated assault with weapons is said to be released within three months.

Politicians criticize the federal government

An incident that disturbed all of Germany – even the politicians. Vice-President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Kubicki admitted to the newspaper “Bild” that “what was originally intended to take out local workers and families has completely failed”. The federal government failed.

But what now happens to criminals? Will Germany get rid of it again? Yes, Kubicki thinks. “When the situation calms down” a “return to Afghanistan” becomes possible.

I hope so too CSU– The leader of the state group Alexander Dobrendt: The criminals will have to be “repatriated.” Until then, they should remain in detention. “It is possible. It is possible.”

The planned deportation deal with the Taliban

Dobrindt is thinking about some kind of paging deal with them Taliban. Because: Islamists receive support from Germany. In return they have to Government “Negotiate the return of people who have committed or have committed violent crimes here.”

But it’s not that simple, as terrorism expert Peter R Neumann contrasts. “Of course we have to go with them Taliban to speak. But we are now starting to support the reconstruction of the country in which we previously worked for legitimacy Government Doing so relatively little is absurd.”

It is important that 2015 and 2016 not be repeated. “The process has to go in an orderly fashion,” Neumann says.

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