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What happens between Tom Brady and the dolphins?

What happens between Tom Brady and the dolphins?

Miami/Munich – The Miami Dolphins have rarely been as successful in free agency as this year.

Intervention Left star Terron Armstead signs a lucrative contract, receiver Tyreek Hill comes by trade from Kansas City, and Mike Gesicki extends his worksheet in Florida.

In fact, it could hardly have gotten better – or might it have been? In the USA there is speculation about a curious newcomer from Tampa Bay.

Miami Dolphins and Tom Brady “work” in the business

If you believe the information from “NESN” journalist Dale Arnold, the Dolphins are working on a deal for quarterback legend Tom Brady.

“They probably won’t work. But they’re working on it,” Arnold was quoted as saying by Boston Sports Radio Wii.

Brady Trade is causing confusion

Brady and the franchise are already striving to create this crazy constellation for the current season, according to Arnold.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom Brady doesn’t play for the Buccaneers next season,” he promisingly said on Twitter.

In response to a question from the radio, the journalist explained that the “next season” actually means the 2022 season.

A journalist is a trusted source

Arnold has been a trusted source for Tom Brady for at least two years. He was one of the first journalists to report on the historic move to Tampa Bay.

The interest of dolphins should not be a coincidence, either. Several media outlets reported that owner Stephen Ross met an unknown department on his yacht in Miami at the end of the 2019 season.

It has now been confirmed that it was Tom Brady.

Dolphin brain game: Tom Brady or Tua Tagoviloa?

In the end, the star decided to move to Tampa Bay, Miami selected college star Tua Tagoviloa in the draft.

It is unclear if the 24-year-old could also be part of a potential swap deal for Brady.

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