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What does the mid-credit scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home mean

What does the mid-credit scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home mean

Once “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is released in cinemas, fans are anticipating how things will go. The mid-credit scene is particularly perplexing. Let’s talk about it.

One final warning: This is about a mid-credit scene in the credits for “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” It also contains spoilers for “Loki” and “Venom: Let there be Carnage”. So don’t read further if you don’t want to be spoiled. Alternatively, read our spoiler-free movie review:

*Spider-Man: No Way Home** - Cool, despite plenty of characters*Spider-Man: No Way Home** - Cool, despite plenty of characters
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Spider-Man: There is no room for home Cool, despite (a lot of) characters

down to work. The multiverse has been raging since Loki. There is no longer a single true timeline that determines what is reality and what is not. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of timelines lying side by side. This in itself is not dangerous. It becomes dangerous when they overlap. This is exactly what Immortus, the observer of reality, fears at the end of the Marvel series “Loki” – and this is exactly what happens in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

The ending of Sony’s “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” gave us a preconceived notion about interference. We remember: Venom – henceforth Sony Venom – expands his mind to allow Eddie Brock to share his knowledge. This is nothing short of “amazing”. At that very moment he was transferred to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Clearly to fans: Awesome, Sony-Venom appears in Marvel’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

The mid-credits “No Way Home” scene turned it all upside down: Sony-Venom talks to a bartender about superheroes, gems, purple killer aliens, and lightheartedness. Then Dr. Her magic is strange: Sony-Venom returns to its own world – and inadvertently leaves part of the symbiote in the MCU.

Is this all just for show? Or is there more?

question after question

Fans have been filling their minds for days now. It started even before “No Way Home” was released. Because this “Morbius” trailer actually explained some of the things that threw the credits scene from “Let there be Carnage” upside down.

he is called:

  • Morbius knows Sony-Venom. Morbius and Sony-Venom play in the same movie universe.
  • Morbius knows the eagle from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. So Morbius plays in the MCU.
  • Ergo: Morbius and Sony-Venom play in the MCU. Where there is “no way home” Spider-Man.

So why was Sony-Venom put into the MCU in the “Let there be Carnage” credits when it was already in the MCU?

The question in “No Way Home” is not answered. On the contrary: d. Strange explains that his botched spell would have brought on all those characters who knew Spider-Man’s true identity. Only: Sony-Venom doesn’t seem to know Spider-Man in “Let there be Carnage” at all. Especially not his real identity, Peter Parker. Aside from the fact that Sony-Venom should already be in the MCU: why can it still be drawn into the MCU?

my theory

I only have a reasonably coherent explanation. Sony-Venom says “billions of light-years” of knowledge will blast Eddie Brock’s brain’s “meager files”. You can interpret it however you like. For example, he could also benefit from knowing other symbionts from other multiverses. For example, Venom from Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3”.

The moment Sony-Venom gained knowledge of Spider-Man’s true identity, it was shipped to the MCU. Later, Dr. Strange undo the spell. With that, Sony-Venom is gone again. However, not quite, as the scene showed: a part of Symbiote remained in the MCU.

why? Sony-Venom may not have even tapped into Spider-Man-3-Venom’s knowledge, but from poison that’s already in the MCU, but it hasn’t happened yet. This could explain why the symmetric code is not fully returned. The suspension can connect to and become a part of MCU Venom. It could be the Venom Morbius he’s talking about in the MCU-Venom trailer, not the Sony-Venom. Because Morbius should definitely be in the MCU because of the Vulture link. Voila: Problem solved.

How will you continue?

Whatever the puzzle is solved: It’s a shame that actors Tom Hardy and Tom Holland won’t fight in the movie. This is due to the strained relationship between the Marvel movie studios and Sony. Sony has to make more Spider-Man movies so it doesn’t lose the movie rights. But Sony hasn’t produced any profitable Spider-Man movies in the live-action area since Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 2”. Only since collaborating with Marvel has the franchise celebrated success again. However, sharing the revenue cake with Marvel in the long-run is…almost attractive.


“No Way Home” ended up forgetting all the MCU characters of Peter Parker’s existence. This is no coincidence: It leaves open how the partnership between Marvel and Sony will continue. Regarding the story, he’ll already explain why no one would find it strange if Spidey didn’t suddenly appear in any of the MCU films. Conversely, Sony can go ahead with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man without caring for the MCU, as Dutch Spider-Man thinks others are better off without him.

Poison in the MCU?  Not too soon.
Poison in the MCU? Not too soon.

Sony Pictures

What role do “Venom” and “Morbius” play? With the fact that Sony-Venom has already exited the MCU, the complexities of the short-term story are eliminated. If so, it’s Marvel who will have to go to Sony for MCU Venom permission. Sony owns the movie rights to most of the characters related to Spider-Man. Including venom, morbius and eagle.

How things go is in the hands of studio heads.