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What does Frank's lawyer want from Kiara?

What does Frank’s lawyer want from Kiara?


What does Kiara’s lawyer want? (AWZ Weekly Preview Part 1)

Chiara and Natalie will be with us next week Kidnapped by Frank Geese faced last year. The trial of their executioner is about to happen and they will soon have to testify in court. Frank Geese However, it is very important to get out of it as easily as possible. So he sends his lawyer to bring the two women into line.

The video above shows the first part of AWZ’s weekly preview with Lysandra Bardell (Malu Santos-Albrecht). Parts 2 and 3 can be seen here:

Only good friends!? (AWZ Weekly Preview Part 2)

Denise accepted it My faith just wants to be friends with him And he only tries to do good things with her, like go to prom. However, he makes a mistake and the afternoon doesn’t go as planned.

A last-minute declaration of love (AWZ Weekly Preview Part 3)

Next week there will be a defining moment between Jenny and Justus. Jupiter is about He made it clear about his departure with MaloHe loves Jenny. He wants to go to her right away and confess his love to her. But Jenny is already at the airport ready to fly.

This will happen on Friday, May 13, 2022 at AWZ:

Preview of Isabel Ward Episode 3942 of 05/13/22 Kasper suspicious. She realizes that he must have heard her to get the information he had about her. Natalie begins searching the loft for insects.

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