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what do you want to watch?  SRF June Broadcast Tips – Home

what do you want to watch? SRF June Broadcast Tips – Home

From first encounters with a couples therapist to the saddest story in football: these highlights will be broadcast on SRF in June.

'Deep Dating': The Dome Show Goes to Couples Therapy

The time has finally come: Season 2 of “Deep Dating” has arrived! Born matchmaker Gulsa Adeleji sends blind dates directly to a couples therapist. Fear of commitment, cheating experiences, and red flags come to the table and don't stand in the way of potential love.

“Deep dating” at a glance

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Genre: Entertainment
Consequences: 7
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“On the Move”: What moves Switzerland?

Reporter Donat Hofer drives Bosley's bright yellow car through Switzerland and feels the pulse of the population. “How lonely are people in Switzerland?” And “How do you like and dislike Switzerland?” He asks himself in the first two episodes. His journey takes him to a cuddle workshop, a self-love photo shoot, and a dog playroom.

“Operation Fortune”: an action-comedy film par excellence

There's a lot of shooting, driving fast cars, and wearing cool sunglasses. Guy Ritchie's film delivers focused entertainment with an all-star cast. Elite spy Orson Fortune (Jason Statham) has to stop Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant) from selling new weapons technology and does everything in his power to do so.

“Our team – Nosa Xavi”: the saddest story in football

In 2016, a plane carrying 77 passengers crashed in the mountains, with the Brazilian football team Chapecoense on board. Only three players survive. The moving documentary accompanies the club, the bereaved and its survivors on their way back to life.

“Our Team – Noosa Chap” at a glance

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Genre: Documentary
Duration: 101 minutes
Availability: As of June 4 on Play SRF

“SchrottUp”: from scrap to art

Who makes the most beautiful thing out of scraps? Cyclists from all over Switzerland participate in the competition. They have to convert huge waste from the disposal yard into new things within a short period of time.

“Mona in the middle” at Gotthard Resthouse

For three days, Mona Fitch cleans toilets, makes sandwiches and stocks shelves. The Gotthard rest area is still a transient place for visitors to relieve themselves, but Sarah Burawoy has been working there for 10 years, and for her the rest area is “almost like home.”

“Sternenberg”: a 20-year-old classic

“Sparkling as a comedy, as romantic as a love film, as poignant as a melodrama, as homely as a patriotic film” was the slogan of the hit Swiss film 20 years ago. The story of immigrant Franz Inge (Matthias Gnadinger) remains poignant to this day. At the age of 69, he returns to his village, goes to school again and tries to mend his relationship with his daughter.

“75 years of NATO” and what does it look like today?

NATO has shaped global security policy for 75 years. But since the Russian attack on Ukraine, the question has arisen about how well NATO can defend itself today. The documentary searches for answers. Informative and simply explained so that school children can understand.

“The origins of fantasy novels”

“Lord of the Rings” illustrator John Howe searches for the origins of fantasy literature. Always accompanied by his magical illustrations, it spans the history of fantasy novels from the Brothers Grimm to the present.

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