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What are you actually doing in Africa?

What are you actually doing in Africa?

Princess Charlene has been in Africa since March while her children are in Monaco with Papa Albert. But what is the 43-year-old doing there?

The basics in brief

  • Princess Charlene has been in her old home in South Africa for months due to illness.
  • Hence, the 43-year-old is missing her 10th wedding anniversary with Albert.
  • Despite the inflammation of the ear, nose and throat, Charlene is not lazy here.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, 43, and her husband Prince Albert, 63, celebrated this week Their tenth wedding anniversary. Drlove the anniversary The two are not happy, because: The former athlete has been stuck in South Africa for months.

While Albert and children Gabriella and Jack (6 years old) continue as usual in Monaco, Charlene has been in Africa since March. Alleged reason: You poor health.

The 43-year-old suffers from an ear, nose and throat infection. It is said that she recently had to have an operation. Her doctors advised her to stay in South Africa for further interventions.

Princess Charlene saves a unicorn

Despite the illness, the beautiful former professional swimmer is not lazy in her old home. In May, she visited the Thanda Foundation Trust, which supports the Princess Charlene Foundation of Monaco, South Africa.

Not only did Charlene visit, but extended her hand. On Instagram The 43-year-old with a rhinoceros. Background: The animals are of no value to hunters who do not have horns, which is why animal rights activists are removing them.

The princess wrote: “It has been my absolute pleasure to support the South African Anti-Poaching Unit. Thank you for protecting wildlife and rhinos.”

Finally back with the family

In addition to doing good deeds, she is finally spending time with her family in South Africa once again. for 5 birthday Albert and the twins even came to visit her niece at the beginning of June.

Charlene has repeatedly explained in the past how lonely she feels in Monaco and how much she misses her family.

When the princess returns to Europe she is in the stars…

Do you think Charlene is really sick?

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