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Werder Bremen: Clemens Fritz's contract expired!  Here's how to proceed!

Werder Bremen: Clemens Fritz’s contract expired! Here’s how to proceed!

Bremen – It was a little strange for Clemens Fritz in the fall of 2019 to suddenly meet this man in a completely different place: in a seminar room instead of the football field, in a suit and T-shirt instead of T-shirt and socks. The former SV professional Werder Bremen played twice in his career against Chelsea, and thus against Didier Drogba, the number one striker, world star from Ivory Coast – who is now his fellow student.

Just like Fritz, Drogba belongs to the third year of the so-called “Executive Masters for International Players” (abbreviation: MIP), a management course created by UEFA with a clear focus on sport. If all goes according to plan, Clemens Fritz He finally got his degree in the fall after three years. What would undoubtedly be an outstanding additional qualification for the 41-year-old – over his immediate career. future But it should have little effect. Fritz a necklace as Head of Scouting and Professional Football at Werder Bremen It expires in the summer. Both sides want a possible discussion soon renewal to speak.

“I stand with you Frank Bowman In constant exchange, of course also on this matter,” Fritz says in an interview with DeichStube about the collaboration with Werder’s sporting director, who has been his right-hand man for nearly three years now. In the summer of 2019, Fritz, who played for Werder, took over For 11 years as a professional, his first official job after a one-year training program at the club, and since then, he has taken care of players who have been loaned to other clubs. Only a few months later, honorary captain of SV Werder Bremen Then he actually passed on to the head of the scouting division before he even took the title.”Professional Football Team Leader“Which should also place great emphasis on his role in the outside world.

Werder Bremen and Clemens Fritz: There is a lot to be said about the contract extension

Sitting since the current season Clemens Fritz Instead of Bowman on the bench for matches, he also takes part in the official match day press conferences, where he has since been available to answer questions from the head coach. The sport’s chief has repeatedly stressed how much Baumann appreciated working with his former teammate – both of whom played together for Werder in 69 games – which is why so much for one. contract extension Talking to Fritz.

“I really enjoy my work. I feel very comfortable in Bremen and enjoy working with Frank”, says Fritz himself of his immediate boss, whose paper was only extended to 2024 a few weeks ago. Against this background and given mutual respect, the fact of That Fritz is following him now only makes sense. “There hasn’t been time to talk so extensively about it yet,” he says. Clemens Fritz. And: “We’ll meet soon, and then we’ll see.”

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New contract for Clemens Fritz in Werder Bremen? “There hasn’t been time to talk about it in depth yet.”

at least have something UEFA Studies Worried, Fritz will now have more room to breathe in the coming period. During a training session in Amsterdam last week, the former professional defended his 70-page thesis, which deals with the relative impact of age in football. This describes – roughly in summary – the difference between calendar and biological age and is a major topic, particularly in the area of ​​youth promotion.

The MIP, whose alumni includes former players Eric Abidal, Nuno Gomez, Sebastian Keel and Yuri Djorkaev, is finally completed, but not yet completed. Clemens Fritz. The penultimate unit is scheduled to be held in the US in May, followed by the last in Dortmund or Manchester in September, before the closing ceremony in October. Fritz future at Werder Bremen It will be clear by then. (dco)