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Welcome to the Wrexham Trailer: Superstar Ryan Reynolds reveals 'Deadpool' connection

Welcome to the Wrexham Trailer: Superstar Ryan Reynolds reveals ‘Deadpool’ connection

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Two Hollywood stars buy a fifth-tier football club. That’s what the new “Welcome To Wrexham” documentary series, whose first trailer has now been released, is all about.

Welcome to Wrexham (Source: YouTube screenshot)

  • Welcome to Wrexham is about a struggling English club that needs rescue.
  • Superstars Ryan Reynolds (“Deadpool”) and Rob McElhenny take on the daunting task.
  • The humorous score will soon be available on Disney+.

Launches August 25, 2022 Disney + A very special documentary series. in “Welcome to Wrexham” Acquired star Ryan Reynolds (“Deadpool”) and Rob McElhenney (Mac from “It’s always sunny in PhiladelphiaThe third oldest football club in the world. Welshman AFC Wrexham plays in the English Fifth League (the so-called National League) – and will be developed by Reynolds and McKellenny.

Watch a clip of the fun sports documentary here:

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The video above beautifully shows how stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny are greeted in the underdeveloped Welsh town of Wrexham. Young boy asks if Reynolds took over AFC Wrexham because the club’s colors are red – like its famous colors marvel-Deadpool character. This star jokingly confirms.

Later in the clip, the Hollywood greats took a look at the club’s pitches and saw plenty of room for improvement. The documentary series Welcome to Wrexham shows whether Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are truly making the 150-year-old football club forward. By the way, a second season has already been ordered.

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