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Weird Reason!: Australian Swimming World Champion German Tattoo | game

This has caused a stir…

Australian swimming star Kyle Chalmers (24) won the title at the World Short Course Championships in Melbourne (Australia) before Christmas. In 45.16 seconds, he finished first in the 100m freestyle ahead of Frenchman Creuset.

Then shows his muscular upper arms.

Swimming star Kyle Chalmers claimed the world title in Melbourne

Photo: Getty Images

However, his chest tattoo is causing a special stir.

Although the Olympic champion started for Australia, he also immortalized Germany, at least on his heavily tattooed torso.

That raises questions!

On the chest are four words: “Only the strong survive”.

Why in German?

A few weeks ago, the swimming expert revealed what the tattoo was in an interview with the “German Swimming Association” (DSV).

Weird justice!

He explained: “I learned German at school and I also studied German after school. So tattooing in German was special for me because it was my favorite subject at school and I was very interested in it,” he said.

But it also fits his declaration of love for Berlin.

Chalmers said: “I love Germany and I love Berlin.” That’s why he attended a Hertha game at the Olympic Stadium during a trip to Germany last year and made the capital unsafe.

“Now I have some close friends in Berlin who offered to take me to a game, so I jumped at the chance and got on the next flight so I could be there. I wanted to learn more about the history of Berlin, so I took a big history tour with a private guide, and I could Learned as much as possible.

Coincidentally, Chalmers had another reason to celebrate on Thursday: winning the world championship in the 4 x 50 meter freestyle!

Along with fellow swimmers Isaac Cooper, Matthew Temple and Flynn Sareb Southam, he finished in 1:23.44 ahead of Italy and Holland.

After a win at the last tournament of the year, he may go back to Germany for a tour.