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"Wedding at First Sight" star Norbert: broke up with Tanya

“Wedding at First Sight” star Norbert: broke up with Tanya

With him, the circle of love continues to spin merrily! In the seventh season ofWedding at first sight“seemed Norbert (60) and Wiebke (53) As if they were made for each other when they stepped before the altar. Therefore, it was a great disappointment when it was announced that the two had separated. To this day, Norbert repeatedly mocks his ex-wife on social media.

He recently showed himself in a new state of love. new lover: Tania. In her, the “Wedding at First Sight” star saw the woman of his dreams. But even this love happiness should not last long! As the 60-year-old announced on his Instagram account, the two are already going their separate ways.

The year before Norbert, Mark had married a short-lived flamboyant—today the TV groom is a completely different kind. Tidy and slim, he is now a strong personality as a fitness fan. In the video below we show you the type of change:

‘Wedding at First Sight’ Groom Norbert reveals he’s single again

On Wednesday, August 4, Norbert expressed his frustration and posted an honest video on his social media account. In it he revealed, “Recently I’ve seen and heard a lot of positive things about me. Unfortunately, this doesn’t run like a red thread in my life. That’s why I have to come up with a story that isn’t that great today. You should know that Tanya and I recently went our separate ways.” .

‘Wedding at First Sight’ star Norbert: ‘We are on friendly terms, which is very important for both of us’

Neubert concluded with a sad look, “Unfortunately this is the case because we found that we had different ideas about many important points and they are irreplaceable in the long run. That is why we said, before we ruin everything, we split up. But we are splitting up amicably, which is very important for both of us as well.” But it is irreversible and permanent.”

Hard to recognize! How does expert ‘wedding at first sight’ differ Dr.. Sandra Kohldorfer He looks with smooth hair and without glasses, you can see in the next video.