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Weber and Gustav Peters School needs more space

The city of Uten faces further significant investment: Weber School and Primary School in Blaue Lehmkuhle both have very little space. What is missing students and what should happen.

yotin.Yuten will have to make other major investments in schools in the coming years. Both Weber High School and the main branch of Gustav Peters Primary School in Blaue Lehmkuhle need more space: among other things, there are no classrooms, differentiation rooms and specialized rooms. You should now examine how the extensions are implemented in both locations. The costs are in the millions.

Principal Oliver Martins told the responsible committee that the student population at Gustav Peters School has been stable for years, and in the current school year 265 children are being taught at Blaue Lehmkuhle. In addition to the twelve classes (the school has three classes), he reported the need for twelve differentiation rooms. There are also rooms for art, music and work, and rooms for teachers, patients and parents. School social work and school assistance also needed additional rooms, as did the Secretariat and School Administration. There is also a need for different storage rooms.