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Weather Presenter Alyssa Carlson: Meltdown Live on TV

United States of America

Weather presenter zooms out live on TV

At one point, CBS Los Angeles’ Alyssa Carlson is still in front of the camera waiting to host the weather. In the next second it collapses. She came back from the hospital later.


  • CBS Los Angeles’ Alyssa Carlson is in agony as she is about to cover the weather.

  • Her news colleagues react and cancel the broadcast.

  • Carlson was taken to the hospital.

  • Years ago she had to vomit while reporting – also on camera.

In fact, Alyssa Carlson was supposed to report the weather for Los Angeles on CBS TV. But that’s what happened: she rolled her eyes, propped herself up on her elbows and Then she retreated behind her table. And all this live in front of the camera.

The two news anchors who hosted Carlson’s weather report only saw their colleague suddenly no longer exist. Then “Oh” can be heard before the program is canceled and only previously produced news blocks are shown.

A little later, Carlson returned with a message on Facebook. Thank you for all the messages. you will be fine. Details are unknown. The head of CBS News Los Angeles said she was receiving treatment at the hospital, according to

Alyssa Carlson later took to Facebook to say she was getting better.


This isn’t the first time Alyssa Carlson has had health problems in front of the camera, according to the news site. In 2014 she had to vomit during a report. She was later diagnosed with a heart defect. It is not yet known if the latest incident was linked to a heart defect.

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