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Weather: Does summer score despite rain in July?

Weather: Does summer score despite rain in July?

It may seem surprising, but temperatures have been normal this summer. From Monday the weather will be dry and it will also be warmer.

The basics in brief

  • Next week will be warmer and drier every day.
  • In a long-running comparison, the summer wasn’t too cold.

It’s almost two-thirds of the summer over, but we’ve hardly been able to enjoy it yet in terms of weather.

But meteorologists have good things newsletter, because the sun will rise again from Monday – at least partially. The current forecast is for Tuesday and Wednesday Constantly sunny and dry future weather.

The weather is getting warmer every day

Thomas Schlegel wrote: “The temperature is increasing day by day.Meteo Switzerland». “The sunny, dry weather will likely continue into Friday.” It is not yet possible to give reliable information on the time then.

Are you also hoping that summer will return next week?

The nature of the prevailing weather this summer has been shaped by many cooler phases with precipitation. “But there was a period of several days in both June and July with nice and warm weather.”

Compared to previous years, it was very cold in the summer

Most people feel that last summer was very warm and humid compared to last summer. A comparison with the past three summers largely confirms this sentiment. This writes «Meteonews» in a letter.

This summer is similar to last summer. In contrast, 2019 and 2018 were significantly warmer in both the North and the South.

Summer temperatures have been long term so far

In June in particular, temperatures at this point were much higher than long-term normal. Which is why June 2021 made history as the fifth warmest June in Switzerland, despite the above-average rainfall. Schlegel explains that temperatures in July remained slightly below normal.

“The summer of 2021 has so far been hotter than average compared to the 1981-2020 reference period.” However, about a third of the summer is still missing, which is known as the period from June to August. So it is still too early for a definitive assessment.

“In certain areas, one of the wettest summers appears.” But there are also regions where precipitation has not yet been exceptional, such as in Engadin. And in this respect, too, a missing third can change a lot.

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