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We wear these panties under leggings

We wear these panties under leggings

Due to the temperatures, we are now increasingly choosing long pants again instead of dresses or skirts, and basically, we wear leggings all the time with a variety of looks. When choosing an outfit in the morning, we not only randomly reach the lingerie drawer, we choose lingerie more carefully. This is because bottoms often show up more quickly under skinny pants than one might want.

But don’t worry, we recommend the specific leggings that ensure you don’t shine and are also very comfortable… We’re talking about that Sloggi – Feel Zero Hipster Briefs.

Game changer! These notes are guaranteed not to stand out

How can leggings be virtually invisible even under leggings? It has no layers! Thanks to the soft microfiber with LYCRA, the bottom fits our curves perfectly and creates a gentle feel against the skin – we avoid any cut material with this piece! There is also no trace of annoying stickers and due to the extended high content we are in no way restricted in our movements.

So it is unlikely that ZERO Feel hipster panties by Sloggi (about 14 euros via Amazon) It is the best choice between leggings and the like. We didn’t have to think twice and got a small supply right away…