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'We thought we were rehearsing': Heidi Klum shocks GNTM's young talent with her radical choice

'We thought we were rehearsing': Heidi Klum shocks GNTM's young talent with her radical choice

Heidi Klum introduces guest juror Jean Paul Gaultier as a “fashion icon,” “a rebel,” and “a pioneer of diversity.”

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“Germany's Next Top Model” Heidi Klum and her guest juror Jean Paul Gaultier do a lot of testing before their first fashion show – much to the chagrin of the very nervous candidates.

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  • So bad: Heidi Klum and guest juror Jean Paul Gaultier made a strong impression on “Germany's Next Top Model” before her first fashion show.
  • “Unfortunately, 24 girls and 30 boys is too many for the first challenge,” model mom Klum tells the candidates.
  • Meanwhile, Gaultier has very specific ideas about his top models: “I want them to walk like they do on the street, not like fashion models. I like individuality and personality.”

Heidi Klum was helped by none other than French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier in the third episode of her series “Germany's Next Top Model”To clean.

“Unfortunately, 24 girls and 30 boys is too many for the first challenge,” model Klum said. Soules introduces her guest juror as a “fashion icon,” a “rebel,” and “one of the pioneers of diversity.”

The first offer is an all-or-nothing matter for the applicants: “Jean-Paul and I will look at each person and then we will decide,” declares Heidi Klum.

“That was a very shocking moment! “We thought we'd be training by now, but it's about getting out,” says candidate Luca. At the same time, candidate Marcia adds: “My heart has sunk in.”

Heidi Klum criticizes the “egg walk” of men.

Jean Paul Gaultier has precise ideas: “I want them to walk like they do on the street, not like fashion models. I love individuality and personality. I don't like clones.»

The fact that candidate Mary turned her bathrobe belt into a bra was well received. Gaultier also praised applicant Akeem: “I can only say: Bravo for this outfit, it's amazing! He's a fashionista, a designer. Germany 12 points!”

However, Heidi Klum believes that many models walk “a little stiff,” others “shrug their shoulders too much,” and men “always want to do a little ‘egg walk’.” Yes, is it already Easter?

Candidate Lukas (also starring in “Köln 50667”), who “feels like a knight” in the heavy, shiny costume of designer Yasmin Erbas, is at his wits end:

“I can't take it again, this egg is flapping. “My face was frozen, I don’t know if I was running,” he says after his walk, during which his pants were torn. “It's getting more and more airy on my arm.”

“They don't want you to know who he is.”

Twins Luca and Julian are given see-through outfits in different colors and can be told apart for the first time.

“They don't want you to know who he is,” Mary suspects. Lucas discovered that “Julian likes to look a little better and Luca to look a little nastier.”

Meanwhile, Vanessa has final advice: “You have to make the twins laugh. Luca has sharper fangs, and that's how you can tell them apart.”

Jean Paul Gaultier likes the way the twins walk, but he doesn't like the fact that they look like clones: “It might not be good to have exactly the same haircut with bleach,” he criticizes Luca and Julian's style. “This may be good at first, but it doesn't necessarily make sense in the end.”

Heidi Klum is amused by the twins' puzzled expressions: “I just said, 'Should we look different? No, that's not possible.'” She considers her distinguished guest juror's suggestion a “very good idea”: Luca and Julian must already be trembling about the change.

Just like Beau Armin: he reminds Klum of the famous model Marcus Schenkenberg, but that's not enough for the 50-year-old: “I want to cut his hair, cut it all off.”

Niklas: “I feel like an apprentice”

At the end of the march, some of the candidates who had just praised Heidi Klum and Jean Paul Gaultier were abruptly dismissed.

This is what happens to Akeem, who should probably turn to fashion design. On the other hand, his best friend Xenia has moved to another world – without any modeling experience. “I expected him to go much further than me. I can’t believe it,” says the shocked 23-year-old.

Also for Flight attendant Niklas The journey into the world of fashion is already history: “It breaks my heart, but unfortunately, the journey has already ended here today,” says Heidi Klum about the man she herself chose on the plane as the first man in the film “Germany’s Next Top Model”.

“I hope we travel somewhere nice again soon, to Italy or something,” she whistled. Niklas had already predicted his end: “I feel like an apprentice who is allowed to run,” he said after his first walk.

The other candidates head to Tenerife next week.

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