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We love Bottleneck Bob now

We love Bottleneck Bob now

How do you design a bob?

The bottle neck looks so cute when worn as a braid. Pull a few strands of hair on the right and left of the face and gently caress it. With a short bob, simply secure any strands that might slip out of the ponytail with a few hair clips. It also looks great if you separate a strand on the right and left and gather it at the back of the head with a large hair clip. Whether it’s with casual beach waves or straightened with a flat iron, the hairstyle is versatile and definitely never looks boring.

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Bottleneck Bob: who is the trendy hairstyle?

Now you’re wondering if a bottleneck bob is right for you? certainly! The hairstyle is suitable for every face shape and hair structure and is easy to care for. If you have curly or frizzy hair, you should keep in mind that sometimes your bangs need more time for styling. because who is Likes smooth, should be tumble dried or polished to shape.

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