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We don’t want Romelu Lukaku!

We don’t want Romelu Lukaku!

Will Romelu Lukaku appear soon in a black and white shirt?photo: Twitter/Keystone

Juventus supporters are currently protesting unusually violently against a potential signing. Rumor: Dusan Vlahovic will go to Chelsea, in return the Italians will receive Romelu Lukaku.

As part of a chat match between the Serie A side and its youth team in front of some 20,000 spectators on Wednesday night, members of the playoffs chanted several times: “Noi Lukaku non le Fogliamo!” In English: “We don’t want Lukaku!”

The Belgian striker is owned by Chelsea but has been loaned out to Juventus’ top rivals Inter Milan. The Nerazzurri would like to sign him up, but Lukaku doesn’t seem to want to do so.

Because Juventus needed money, Vlahović had to be sold. The plan: Chelsea pay a fee and, on top of that, give Lukaku so that the Italians can get a real replacement in the storm.

Will this deal really come after the fierce resistance of the fans? This at least seems questionable. In addition, clubs must be apart when it comes to paying extra for player exchanges. According to Sky Sport Italia, Chelsea want to pack a maximum of 20 million euros, and Juventus demand 40 million. (ram)

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