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We are world champions in the Spengler Cup – the World Cup when Switzerland wins

We are world champions in the Spengler Cup – the World Cup when Switzerland wins

Swiss players celebrate a goal.Photo: Cornerstone

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One of the most exciting World Cup victories abroad is an ugly foul, a high percentage of Leonardo Ginoni and Switzerland are after all champions of the Spengler Cup after defeating Canada 3-2.

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Klaus Zagg, Riga

It’s one of the most egregious fouls in recent World Cup history: Joe Felino kicks the lower leg of Nino Niedretter with a razor-sharp ice skate as he scrambles for the puck on the rink. A kick from a horse could result in serious injury. “I managed to twist my legs a bit and avoid the worst. I hope this measure will have consequences. Such scenes have no place in ice hockey. It’s a tough match, but in the end it’s a game for gentlemen,” says Raeto Raffainer, sitting in The tournament board says, “The case is under review.” A ban is likely to follow.

The rulers did not see anything. Especially the Danish referee Mads Fransen was completely overwhelmed by this intense game. But for political reasons, operetta judges are also used in the World Cup.

This ugly act ends with a two-minute penalty kick for Nino Niedereiter. Not that he got revenge: he came out of his duel with the Canadian with some energy when things turned around in the meantime in front of goal. The penalty kick is in favor of Canada 1-0. Switzerland trailed in game five for the first time in a World Cup.

In the past, when many other things were different, the Swiss would have been derailed by such events. Now the opposite is happening. Nino Niedreiter puts it this way: “We made this goal more coherent.”

Seven minutes and two seconds after 0: 1, Switzerland is leading 2: 1. At the end there is 3: 2 against hockey country No. 1. It is a home game for Switzerland. Of the 8,234 fans in the arena, at least 8,000 came from Switzerland. Our overseas fans have never been in a mood for a World Cup match like this before. hockey party. Switzerland rocks Riga. on and off the ice.

The Ice Hockey World Championship is when Switzerland wins. Meanwhile, the Swiss team won 15 consecutive group matches. This has not happened in our entire history. In order to visualize the dimensions of our World Cup winning streak, it is necessary to make a list.

The results of the Swiss national team in the group stage of the last world championship

World Cup 2021
6-0 Belarus
6: 3 Great Britain
World Cup 2022
5-2 Italy
6-0 Denmark
3-2 Kazakhstan
5:3 Slovakia
6:3 Canada
5-2 France
4:3a. P. Germany
World Cup 2023
7-0 Slovenia
3-0 Norway
5-0 Kazakhstan
5:3 Slovakia
3-2 Canada

The only drawback: in 2021 we lost the quarter-final against Germany (2:3 am) and in 2022 against the USA (0:3). We can say: really, the Ice Hockey World Championship is when Switzerland wins. At least in team games. We are the Spengler Cup World Champions: invincible when it matters and when matches are broadcast live on our state television. But if it is not about a national championship or a world championship.

Will 2023 be different? In theory, everything is now being done to get past the quarterfinals. The Swiss were dominant over the Canadians, physically at eye level, never intimidating or letting them off the line of play.

The victories against Canada were historic moments. They are now every day: Canada defeated in the World Cup? so what? WHAT’S PROGRESS: In 1924 we lost 0:33 against Canada (without an NHL professional!) in Chamonix.

Switzerland played in Riga with great speed, accuracy and creativity and is unlike any other team at the World Cup since the best times for the Russians (then times were different). Depending on the color of the dress, a large white or red Swiss hockey machine.

Reason for optimism: Nico Hischier has shown why he can turn a good team into a great one. There’s only one underpinning of the way 1-1 made it and completed it: the World Class. And on the blue line, fellow NHL native Jonas Siegenthaler from New Jersey is a “weekday nut”: not as spectacularly offensive and dominant as the real Roman Jose. But so defensively so, so flawless and intelligent that the ‘world class’ title applies here too. With an average of 20:16 minutes, it also holds the largest ice time.

Swiss forward Nico Hischer #13 celebrates his goal with his teammates after scoring 1:2, during the 2023 IIHF World Championship Group B preliminary round match between Canada and Sui…

Hischer celebrates his goal against Canada.Photo: Cornerstone

And what is also optimistic: Leonardo Genoni has a high percentage. He saved 96.61 percent of his pucks in his three appearances. He is #1 among all the goalkeepers in this World Cup who have played more than one match. and higher than in the 2018 World Silver Championships (91.5 percent catch rate).

Andres Ambul scored the winning goal. 3: 1 (53rd minute) is his 25th World Cup goal. No other active player has scored so many times in a World Cup. Roman Cervenka of the Czech Republic is as close as possible (23 goals). Andres Ampol turned 39 years old on September 14th. He’s not the oldest World Cup scorer: Jaromir Jagr scored in Prague in 2016 at the age of 43.

The Swiss have already played their last two group matches against the Czech Republic and Latvia in the quarter-finals. There is ample reason to hope for a first win in the quarter-finals since 2018 (3-2 against Finland).

HCD, SCB, ZSC and? These clubs have already been champions of Swiss hockey


HCD, SCB, ZSC and? These clubs have already been champions of Swiss hockey

Source: keystone / ennio leanza

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