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Wavemon…..WLAN Analyzer – GNU /

Wavemon…..WLAN Analyzer – GNU /

Friday, March 31, 2023, Norbert Rothers

Nowadays, WiFi has become a matter of course. Everyone uses some kind of WiFi every day and it works most of the time without any issues. That’s why it gets even more annoying when things don’t go as planned. Data is transmitted very slowly, and sometimes the connection drops completely. However, the reasons for this can be varied.

Displaying the ribbon in the taskbar is not very meaningful because it provides very little information.

At this point, one might want a widget that displays more information. This is where Wavemon can help. For Linux, I’ve found Wavemon to be a very useful tool.

Wavemon is very easy to install:

sudo apt-get install -y wavemon

It starts with root rights on the command line:

sudo wavemon

When you start Wavemon, you see (depending on the configuration) one of the different screens. Below is a menu bar that lists the screens and the buttons that activate them. Each monitor is activated either with the corresponding function key or with the key corresponding to the first letter of the monitor name.

  • When displaying signal strength, values ​​between 0 and -100 dBm can be used.
  • -40dB signal strength is higher than -60dB.
  • -70 dBm is the lowest signal strength for reliable packet delivery.
  • The minimum basic conduction value is -80 dBm.
  • However, the packet transmission is no longer reliable.
  • Floor noise starts at -90dB. The connection probably won’t work here anymore.

Wavemon values ​​are displayed in real time. So a change in position immediately indicates changes
With the information obtained in this way, troubleshooting can be done quite easily.
For example, you can set the location of a WLAN router or access point. The tool is also very practical if you want to install a security camera and are looking for a place where there is still enough reception.

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