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Warranty thwarted - Fust branch refuses to repair Fitbit watch - News

Warranty thwarted – Fust branch refuses to repair Fitbit watch – News


Despite a valid Fust warranty certificate, the customer should contact the Fitbit manufacturer directly for repair.

Frustration with Fust: The espresso listener experienced this a few weeks ago when she wanted to return her Fitbit. The fitness tracker, which measures heart rate or records sleep stages, among other things, appeared just six months later.

So the listener went to the Fust branch and wanted to return the watch – after all, there is a two-year warranty in Switzerland. But the seller did not accept the device: “He said that Vost won’t restore Fitbit watches, I had to contact the manufacturer directly.” The fact that the warranty, according to the receipt, goes through Fust, and they did not want to know anything in the store: “The seller said it was all useless, and I had to contact Fitbit directly.”

Frustration Guarantee with Fitbit Watches Already in 2021

A little less than a year ago, “Espresso” reported a warranty void for Fitbit watches. At that time it was about Migros or electronics stores. A Migros media spokesperson clarified at the time that Melectronics was honoring its warranty obligation and that customers could return their Fitbit watch to a Migros store.

And what about Coop’s Fust? The company writes on demand: “Our customers can of course take their Fitbit watches to a Fust point of sale for a warranty repair. We then send the item directly to the manufacturer for inspection.” However, the ‘espresso’ listener spoke literally against a wall in her Fust branch. Then she actually called I bought a Fitbit straight away and got a new watch a few weeks later. “It’s over for me now,” she says, but the customer friend is different.