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Warm boxing to jump to the USA

Warm boxing to jump to the USA

Edison Zane won four of his seven professional fights early on.

Photo: Thorsten Ahlf / FUNKE FOTO SERVICES

Lightweight Edison Zane is considered Hamburg’s greatest talent. On Saturday he will fight his eighth professional battle.

Hamburg. If you were to pay him with spoken words, you would be Edison Zane poor man; If silence were really golden, it would have made him a millionaire long ago in a business that loves to put on a show before a performance. Hamburg professional boxer Almost rare.

The 24-year-old answers questions in a low voice and sparingly as if every sentence he does not say can help save the world. for him Shy However, there is nothing weak about this topic; Instead, those who speak to the young Albanian often get the impression that they are simply saying what they want to say.

Hamburg Talent Funds vs Miroslav Serban

The language Edison Zane speaks best is undoubtedly that with his fists. The welter want to prove it again this Saturday (4pm / live broadcast on as he fights his eighth professional fight against Czech Miroslav Serban in the third edition of the “Giants Professional Boxing” series at Federation Hall in Braamkamp. . After impressions of the sparring, coach Christian Morales is sure the scene can be expected. “Eddie is in a sexy mood,” he says.

Since 2014, when Edison Zani was forced to flee Tirana to Hamburg due to a family dispute, Morales has been on the side of the noble technician. He saved him from deportation, and made him the star of the Bundesliga Hamburg Giants, in which Zane hasn’t lost a fight in three years.

Edison Zane lives in St. Pauli

Since moving to the professional camp in September 2019, he has been working continuously with the 179 cm south side, which now lives alone in St. Pauli and has a three-year residency permit with potential citizenship, to develop it further. “In the past few months, we have improved his athletic performance and have also worked to ensure that he gets more body strokes,” says the coach.

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Edison Zane, who knows above all how to impress him with his flexibility and excellent eye for holes in the opponent’s cover, feels that “I can now put more pressure on the forward movement because I feel stronger”. His ability to decompose opponents in the first round of combat and then decipher them according to all the rules of the art of fist fighting makes him an exceptional talent.

Training is also possible during the Corona crisis

He survived the Corona crisis almost unharmed because training was possible and he even managed to complete four fights in 2020. It’s still in its early stages of development, but it wasn’t just in the ring that he learned that it takes patience to take the right steps in time. the appropriate.

That’s why he and Morales wait to see what the meadows pick. Zani is in a contract with the management company Pyx, which is financing the fight of the eight on Saturday evening, despite adverse Corona circumstances. He is highly regarded by former Klitschko manager Bernd Ponte and enjoys generous patronage from the Steiner Group so that he can focus fully on the sport. The first title fight is set to be fought at the end of the year, with two fights planned in the US in advance in order to make it known in the promised country in the weight class.

The talent of Hamburg Zane wants to box in Las Vegas

When asked about his greatest dream, Edison Zane made it clear that his path will someday lead permanently to the United States. “Boxing as the main fighter in Las Vegas in three years, that will be the case,” he says. Additionally, he definitely lacks some experience fighting against international competition.

Czech Serban, who has won 12 times in 17 matches, should be the next step in the career ladder. Whether or not it can be a litmus is entirely up to Edison Zane, who says, “I want to use the six rounds to try out everything I’ve trained.” The problem is, there won’t be six rounds when he does. All of this shows what he can do.

IM the second major battle In the event, heavyweight Albon Pervisage in Hamburg (25) will meet Collins Omondi Ogal (35 / Kenya).