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WarioWare: Move it!  AVAILABLE NOW – Release trailer provides insight into the mini-games – ntower

WarioWare: Move it! AVAILABLE NOW – Release trailer provides insight into the mini-games – ntower

WarioWare: Move it! The movement comes into effect from today

Wario is back with over 200 blazing fast mini-games

Mini-games are small games that last only a few seconds and provide players with movement control challenges

It’s all about the right posture! Before each mini-game, it is important to get into the right position to achieve victory.

In WarioWare: Move It! Players grab a pair of Joy-Cons and shake, punch, dance, sway or crouch their way to victory in various mini-games! Success depends on the correct posture, because before you can start one of the mini-games that last only a few seconds, you first have to adopt a suitable starting posture: for example, a confident supermodel pose or a chicken-like keikiriki pose.

In story mode, players move through different levels. In each of them, you can expect your own characters, stories, and super-fast minigame sequences. In addition, each level features its own selection of gaming situations. With two sets of Joy-Con, players can tackle the story mode in pairs. At the end of each level, they finally face a major opponent in a special battle.

Anyone who has mastered one of the minigames can play it again at any time in the museum. This is useful if you want to practice your skills in a mini-game or pick up the pace – just to see how wild and crazy you can get.

In Local Party Mode, two to four players, each armed with a Joy-Con, can compete against each other. In Medusa Stealth, for example, they have to reach the target without being turned to stone by Medusa. Kosmo Race, on the other hand, is a challenging board game with Wario’s own rules. In an elimination match, they compete against each other in a marathon of minigames, while Who’s Playing? It is a group guessing game for four participants. The team must observe the opposing team in order to guess which of its members is actually playing and who is just pretending. In Medical Advice you have to find out who is best at following the arbitrary instructions of a strange doctor.

With fast-paced action and a fireworks display of minigames, WarioWare: Move It! Get going all game night!