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Waiting for number 453 – inside Paradeplatz

Waiting for number 453 – inside Paradeplatz

This text should start with good news. So, if you want to exchange francs for euros at the recently reopened travel center at Zurich's main station, you won't have to wait long.

Switching is often free.

However, if you are looking for advice, you need comfortable shoes. Architecturally, the 175M conversion is top notch.

You feel like you're in a church, such high ceilings. SBB clients act like believers.

Humbly bear the fate of waiting endlessly for the announcement of salvation or the number 453.

Example Tuesday evening: 50 people want to extend their ticket, are looking for a connection or are feeling desperate.

Cathedral HB: Don't forget your sleeping bag (IP)

SBB expects a time delay of 2 minutes per customer cycle. So 100 minutes.

To announce this fact would be very bitter. So you say: >50 minutes.

SBB wrote that several employees were sick that evening.

A day later, around 8pm: this time there were 23 customers waiting. Realistic waiting time for 23rd customer: >45 minutes.

We are not in an isolated area where the only two consultants may have had lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

No, in Zurich, in HB, welcome to Switzerland.

Put the theory to work with our SBB (IP).

The end of this text should also be conciliatory. SBB writes that there is a QR code in the queue.

You can check on your cell phone whether 401 has already been called.

Advantage? “You can do other things in and around the station in the meantime,” our SBB says.

For example, calling a taxi.