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VW ID.4 GTX in interim endurance test after 10,000 km

The best chef of all wives. Not in the kitchen or indoors – but on the passenger seat and literally: ‘Our’ 1-Year Electrical Endurance Tester Volkswagen ID.4 GTX Not a friend of the summer heat. If you leave the driver’s seat to ask something, he wants to be smart and off. The rest of the passengers are then grilled on the spot due to the lack of air conditioning. How often start the ignition and ventilation? It only works if you remember to press Air Conditioning Immediately on the screen. Or use the app. Otherwise nothing breathes – uncomfortable at 30 degrees.

In addition, there has been some kind of heat stroke recently when driving on a slope with a fully charged battery. The display says “Your car is getting too hot and is therefore automatically air-conditioned”. before you say “Okay?” He could think that the heater starts blowing warm air and turns off the climate control. The only solution to avoid sunstroke: Open the window – as before. After all, the effect that had occurred three times disappeared after a minute or two. VW says: A safety function that reduces power gained on slopes that cannot be stored in a full battery by powering consumers – and just one thing for the older software version. This update should remove this in the future.