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VW Group Chairman Diess Gets 30 Million For Doing Nothing

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This car boss gets 30 million for doing nothing

Shoot and collect millions? That sounds decadent, but it’s a reality for former Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess. The ousted group chief still has a contract in effect that extends to 2025.

Get 30 million euros without moving a finger. This sounds like a Euromillions win. In fact, it is the salary that the former Volkswagen boss will have until 2025. He was fired last week. His old employer still had to pay him.

Herbert Diess, 63, was at the helm of Europe’s largest car manufacturer. He was considered a great figure who should have led the Volkswagen Group into the future of electric cars. But it was also highly controversial. Lower Saxony is a major shareholder in the group. Together with employee representatives, they wanted to get rid of Diess last year.