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VSG Lübeck makes the fight for third place exciting again › HL-SPORTS

VSG Lübeck still has a chance of finishing third in the regional league: they have two home matches left (Photo: Lobeca/Michael Raasch)

Lübeck – With a 3-0 home win over third-placed Eimsbütteler TV 2, VSG Lübeck’s regional league players made the fight for third place in the table exciting once again.

At least six players have been discharged due to illness or injury. So everything was done by VSG in order to get the expired eligibility of Paulus Chardon from the Dutch or German federation on short notice. Chardon recently returned to training with the team after a nearly two-year hiatus.

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Chardon took the pass and regular quarterback Christophe Minge was able to show his outsider/receiver qualities, as he has done from time to time this season. Furthermore, Martin Schröter replaced Jonas Bosch in the middle block position, who initially had to sit on the bench because he could be used flexibly.

And the six changes in the beginning fully confirmed the confidence that coach Marco Schlecht gave him in the first two sets. With an effective serve, Hamburg’s acceptance was constantly under pressure, while the opponent served relatively harmlessly at the start of the match. With a score of 10:6, the progression increased significantly to 19:10. At this point, this was mainly due to the good interaction between the chardon setter and the Schrötter middle barrier, which more than justified his six start. Even my two breaks from Hamburg didn’t help much at this point. So 25:14 and 1:0 after just 13 minutes was the logical result.

The second group clearly started similarly. A chain-serve from Christoph Minge, chosen by the opponent coach as the best player after the match in the unfamiliar outside attacking position, made a comfortable 8-0 lead. But the opponent was able to steady his game, bolstered by a player change, and he almost caught up with a score of 10:11. Another successful serve streak again brought a reassuring lead of 5 points (17:12), which one could defend almost to the end of the set and turn the second set ball into 25:21.

Then group 3 was developed as often happens with such temporary results. The opponent, with his back to the wall, is trying everything – and some lack of concentration creeps into his team. This was more likely to be fixed if there were minor problems with the assumption. Not surprisingly, libero Sebastian Schrötter is back on the field as reception manager for the first time after recovering from a weeks-long injury. This group was first balanced until 22:22. But with full focus in prime time, I made the first set in this group and switched it to 3:0 after just 61 minutes.

At the end of the season, there are two games left this week. On Wednesday evening she travels to the downside-down Killers from TOS H/M (20:15, Gillertal). And on Saturday, WiWa Hamburg, also at risk of relegation, will come to Thomas-Mann-Halle at 7 p.m. for the season finale. The attitude of employees throughout the week may be diluted as a result of a successful free test.

Plus, it’s only certain that Paulus Chardon will play ball again on Saturday. On Wednesday, he will not be able to play professionally and will be represented by North German U-20 champion Eric Turowski.

By winning those two games, VSG would have secured fourth place at the end of the season. If both games can be played successfully, position 3 is safe.