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VS-Villingen: Knitting is the elixir of her life – the 80-year-old supports charitable projects

VS-Villingen: Knitting is the elixir of her life – the 80-year-old supports charitable projects

Knitting and crocheting for a good cause: this is Monica Nomer’s goal in life. Our trained craft teacher has been doing this for over 20 years.

All proceeds from their sales are donated to charity.

In the last ten years, 6,500 euros have been collected, which I was able to donate to the assisted living facility in Überlingen.

Monica Nomer said her granddaughter Valentina, who lives and works in a shared apartment, also resides there.

From hats to key rings: Monica Nomer is particularly proud of her current Black Forest edition. | Photo: Hans-Jürgen Götz

This is not work, but relaxation

“Knitting is not work for me, it helps me relax and at the same time I can do it well,” explains Monica Nomer.

Even at 80 years old, it’s still easy for her. As long as she has her fingers going, she wants to keep making lots of crafts.

It mainly produces sweaters, shoes, hats and scarves for babies and toddlers on a continuous production line. Color matching current fashion or individually made to order.

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Become a Jumbo B9: Every Saturday you shop cheap at a new thrift store

From now on, the new B9 is open to customers every Saturday from 10am to 2pm at Bahnhofstrasse 9.

But their Black Forest edition is brand new. From a wool hat with Bollenhut accessory to matching gloves and scarves to color-coordinated accessories like key rings, you can find everything you can to crochet or knit here.

Selling through various village stores

However, purchasing wool and knitting accessories is becoming increasingly difficult because soon there will be no specialist stores offering such items.

The self-knitted items are then sold through various village shops in the area as well as through the fabric gallery on Villinger Färberstrasse.

Monica Nomer also delivered to Christmas markets. However, there is a growing shortage of merchants willing to sell these goods for free for good reason.

Nomer herself earns absolutely nothing from it, but rather buys and donates the wool herself, not to mention her working hours, she tells SÜDKURIER.

But now we look forward with hope to the best possible Christmas season, when warm children’s clothing is often purchased and distributed. If there are individual handcrafted pieces with the proceeds donated to a charitable cause, everyone will be happy.