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Voting for union representation at the second Amazon warehouse in the United States failed

In New York, USA, an attempt to create a second trade union representation with shipping company Amazon failed.

Briefly essential

  • A setback for the labor organization after the victory a few weeks ago.

According to figures released Monday, 62 percent of workers at the Staten Island Sorting Center voted against Amazon union representation. Accordingly, 618 employees voted against union representation and 380 voted in favor. The participation was 61 percent.

A few weeks ago, workers at a nearby Amazon warehouse voted to form Amazon’s first union in the United States. At the JFK8 camp on Staten Island, 55 percent of workers voted to be represented by the Amazon Workers Union. However, the Labor organization’s hope that this victory against the LDJ5 Sorting Center will be repeated is now in vain.

For years, Amazon has been opposed to forming unions. The online mail order company has been criticized for its working conditions in the United States. Trade unions and politicians have criticized the group’s staff, which was founded in 1994, for being overworked and under constant scrutiny. She is fighting in Germany Labor Union Verdi has been working for many years to ensure that Amazon employees receive a collective agreement and are paid according to retail and mail order fees.

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