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Vorwrts ranked the country's top ten by three points

Vorwrts ranked the country’s top ten by three points

Happiness is a bird, it flies away when it wants, but it can be fed. Perhaps it is because of the amazing spirits of the red and white team that sometimes the lucky bird eats from your hand. This was also the case in the prestige match against FC Dornbirn, which was still important for Forter’s team, for a place among the top ten in the second division table.

The Vorarlbergers, who are no longer worried because they have already been relegated, started the first half with great momentum. In the 22nd minute, the ball was already curling into the net behind Thomas Turner, and the assistant referee decided it was offside – with great luck for the strikers. Two minutes later, Mijic used a form from Bauernfeind to give Dornbirn a 1-0 lead. Alim Pasic’s last-minute goal, whose low shot from 20 meters did well enough in the 46th minute, was certainly not unfortunate for the Steyrians, meaning the scoreboard was 1:1 at the end of the first half.

After the start of the second half, Vorwrts dominated the match, but not Mijic: who surprised most of the 400 spectators by free entry to Birkenwiese and scored in the 62nd minute to make it 2-1, giving Vorarlberg the lead once again. What the Daniel Madeleine-coached eleven didn’t want to lose: Kevin Brandstetter equalized to make it 2-2 with a penalty kick. What the eleven players coached by Daniel Madeliner wanted to win also: Tolga Gene used a fine pass from Joel Dombaxy in the 93rd minute to win 3-2 away.

SKU Amstetten turned the heat against GAK after a goalless first half and ended up with a clear 3:0 home win in the remaining 45 minutes.