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Volvo's electric strategy - see

Volvo’s electric strategy – see

Andreas Faust and Patrick Solberg

What is the most important thing in the car? CD player? Interior or performance? In the past, everything that mattered to get us excited about the car. But today there is another important thing: “The program identifies the car!” says Patrick Bengtson, Head of Programs at Volvo.

Because: If necessary cables are available to network systems and operating system books, by electrification, dimensions, wheelbase, range or power they can be flexibly selected for each model. This is where Volvo President Hakan Samuelsson sees the future of his brand: from an old-school automaker to a software-based service company that would make their customers’ lives easier. Cars are ‘only’ the hardware platform on which customers can dock with all kinds of peripherals – from smartphones to their intelligently controlled homes.