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Volvo teases groundbreaking electric car design EX90

subordinate All-electric Volvo EX90 It will be presented to a global audience for the first time on November 9, 2022 in Stockholm. advance has Sino-Swedish brand He released some details and photos about his new design principles. The linear, Scandinavian-influenced role of the SUV should play the The new Volvo EX90 as a stylish, efficient and fully electric family car. An electric car must also meet higher safety standards than any other Volvo car before.

With the new flagship model, the designers of the premium Swedish brand want to show that practicality and safety don’t have to come at the expense of aesthetics. An example is the integration of the standard lidar sensor found in the EX90’s roof line. Lidar (light detection and range finding) uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure distances with precision and accuracy, allowing reliable detection of pedestrians, for example, up to a distance of 250 metres. Thus, technology is one of the mainstays on the path to unsupervised autonomous driving.

It has been a challenge for the designers to integrate lidar in a way that looks good and is ideal for security applicationsT says. John Mayer, Head of Exterior Design at Volvo Cars. “The sensors are practically the eyes of the car. Of course, you can put it in the mesh area, but that would be like putting your eyes on your kneessaid the designer. “It makes sense to attach it as high as possible to the head, so that you can see as much as possible. So, together with our engineers, we decided to incorporate it into the roof line to increase the effectiveness of the sensors. “


Design also has a direct impact on the efficiency of an electric vehicle. A surface that is as smooth and flat as possible is critical. The new EX90 has been designed by Volvo with the goal of maximum range and minimal air resistance – and thus a harbinger of the next generation of models with which the company aims to become a pure electric car manufacturer by 2030.

The Volvo EX90’s sleek, round front ensures unimpeded air flow. Details such as flush fitting parts and door handles should also contribute to this. This achieves a drag coefficient of 0.29 – a good value for a seven-seat SUV of this size.

Volvo_EX90 electric car design

We took inspiration from yacht design to define the elegant proportions of the EX90T says. John Mayer. “The front is reminiscent of a sailboat plowing through the ocean waves. But it’s also generally more rounded, allowing air to flow around the vehicle more efficiently.

Many of the EX90’s design features are based on the company’s Scandinavian roots. Large areas of glass, including the panoramic roof, allow plenty of light into the interior and contribute to a warm interior that contrasts with the somewhat cooler exterior. “This also has to do with how people are understood in ScandinaviaT. John Mayer says.You have a calm and reserved nature that may seem cold at first glance. But once you get to know people, they feel very warm. This is exactly the confidence we want to convey with our car. “

Source: Volvo – Press release on 11/01/2022