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Volkswagen USA/Canada data leak: 3.3 million data records leaked

Volkswagen USA/Canada data leak: 3.3 million data records leaked

Due to a service provider malfunction from Volkswagen North America, partially sensitive customer data has been available without online insurance for about a year.

According to current knowledge, Volkswagen assumes that customers and potential buyers of the Audi subsidiary will be affected, Magazin quoted a company spokesperson as saying. The US blog Techcrunch had previously reported the data leak.

No known abuse yet

For about a year – between August 2019 and May 2021 – the names, addresses, phone numbers and in some cases even Social Security numbers, vehicle identification numbers, Volkswagen or Audi customer numbers, dates of birth or the creditworthiness of approximately 3.3 million Volkswagen customers in North America were available free of charge at The Internet is visible. The leaked information was collected between 2014 and 2019 by a business partner for sales and marketing purposes. Most of the data sets – about 3.1 million – are from Audi customers in the USA. Volkswagen has not provided any more accurate information about how the data leak occurred.

The damage caused by the data leak at VW’s business partner is also still unclear. However, VW has not yet received any indications of data misuse. Volkswagen managed the jurisdictions and outsourced data analysis and cybersecurity experts.


VW is having trouble in North America because customer data is mistakenly posted on the Internet. However, the car manufacturer has so far ruled out the occasional misuse of sensitive data.