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Volkswagen: Strong Business Council removes confidence in President Herbert Diess - Business

Volkswagen: Strong Business Council removes confidence in President Herbert Diess – Business

Giant Zoff in Germany’s largest car factory!

The powerful business council turned into a direct attack against the company’s president, Herbert Diess (63). according to “Handelsblatt” Representatives for Diss employee withdrew their confidence last Wednesday.

Meaning: Now his chair is shaking tremendously!

Reuters has learned that the Supervisory Board’s mediation committee should deal with the future of the Volkswagen chief on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the oversight board said an agreement was being sought: “Constructive and confidential talks are currently taking place. Any findings will be communicated in due course.”

The Porsche SE, through which the Porsche and Bich families hold a majority in the Wolfsburg-based group, did not want to comment.

Heading the Business Council: Daniela Cavallo (46 years old)Photo: Swen Pförtner / dpa

According to information from corporate circles, the crux of the dispute is the speed required by Dis in restructuring the group.

Recently, the head of VW has caused a lot of turmoil. He warned: In Germany, as many as 30,000 jobs will be on the verge of failure if restructuring in the group does not work fast enough. Work shock focus: the radioactive mother plant in Wolfsburg.

Later rowing Dies again, he said internally, according to reports: Wolfsburg had a “decisive role. When I think of Wolfsburg, I don’t think of job cuts. That’s not what it is. For me, it’s about how we work together, becoming efficient and faster.”

This faces the workforce on Thursday

The conflict then escalated further when Dess initially refused to attend a staff meeting scheduled for Thursday due to a trip to the United States. Labor Council president Daniela Cavallo, 46, accused him of preferring to meet with investors in the US rather than ask questions from the Wolfsburg workforce.

Cavallo testified that the Volkswagen boss lacked empathy. His behavior is unprecedented in the history of the Wolfsburg team. Then Dess postponed his trip to the United States.

Now he wants to talk to about 7,000 employees on Thursday and answer workforce questions. One thing is for sure: it must be heated.